About the Event

What is “Kings of Tennis”?

Former World No.1's, Grand Slam finalists and Davis Cup champions meet once again in a battle to win the honorary title at Kings of Tennis. As the criteria is what it is, the club is quite exclusive. Some of our previous world champions that can call themselves the King of Kings of Tennis are John McEnroe, Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg. You will find the sport's biggest names and strongest personalities - all under one roof at the ATP-Champions Tour Stockholm tournament Kings of Tennis. 


To participate the player must have achieved at least one of the following:

  • Ranked world number 1 in singles
  • A Grand Slam finalist in singles
  • Singles player in a victorious David Cup Team

"We are elite players, so it's still in us to have a winner's mentality. We want to win Enver When we play or in whatever we do."
-Carlos Moya

The tournament in Stockholm is one of nine ATP Champions Tour events. The other eight events take place in the United States, Scotland, Spain, South Korea, two in Mexico, Italy and England.


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Kings of tennis

8-10 Mars 2017