When the tournament began in 2012 our ambition was to find a long-term collaboration  with a charity that has local connections in Stockholm

Our collaboration with the Stockholm City Mission is now coming onto its sixth year and we are so pleased to be able to look back to past charity dinners and auctions that have collected a total of 3.2 million SEK.

Families who need help with the most necessary things come to Young Station. Many of these families have a shortage of economic funds and live in overcrowded apartments. It is especially hard on holidays, when school is not in session and there is no lunch at home. The situation makes life isolated for many families. Especially during the summer holidays, a time that most people associate with happiness and friends, instead causes anxiety and loneliness. To not be able to have something to share about summer holidays creates a lot of stress for these children. They become withdrawn when these discussions are brought up in school.

Because of this, every summer Young Station arranges excursions and summer camps for children and families that have a challenging daily life. The activities provide fellowship and bright memories. The much-needed break is a chance to canoe, swim or enjoy nature, often for the first time ever. At Young Station, support is given all year. We help families to meet basic needs, but also to help them create better living situations for themselves. The type of support is crucial during the summer but also during the rest of the year. Of course, the child’s needs are always our priority.


The charity banquet held in 2016 at the Kings of Tennis raised a total of 1,127,800 SEK to Young Station.


Kings of tennis

8-10 Mars 2017